To the Gigg community,

At Gigg, there is nothing more important to us than artists and the music they create. Their music inspires, motivates, transports and heals us. Above all, it connects us.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for artists, established or new, to support themselves with their craft. Gigg exists to change that reality. We are dedicated to building tools and providing opportunities for artists that will help launch their careers. Our mission is to give artists a unique platform that improves exposure, social interaction, monetization and discovery.

For fans and music lovers, Gigg will provide a fun and engaging space where music can be easily found, shared and appreciated. More importantly, at Gigg you will be able to listen to, support and follow all your favorite artists more intimately than on any other platform.

To this end, we are rebuilding our website in an effort to more effectively fulfill our mission. The new Gigg experience will launch early 2015. In the meantime, please join us in our effort to support the arts by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thanks again to our amazing Gigg community for your incredible support. We can't wait to reveal to the world the big things that are happening at Gigg!

Scott Warner CEO, Gigg

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