By Shauntel Isham

Day after day, we are consumed by the overwhelming world of social media where photo after photo bombards us and screams for our attention. What if I told you that social media was a DISTRACTION from real life. That’s it. I said it. Social media can be a realm where goodness and positivity is cultivated. It can also be a place where wishing, dreaming and hoping hold us back from DOING.

Why mindlessly swipe through your feed when you could be outside making memories with the ones you love most and building long-lasting relationships. Why are we overcome with the urgency to check our feed when good quality conversation at the dinner table with family members is being compromised?

Do we ever take time for ourselves to decompress and let our minds be free from distraction? Do we take the time to meditate and connect with a higher power? Do we as a society value helping a person in need instead of valuing liking a person’s Instagram photo?

I challenge you to put your phone aside, and look for opportunities to serve others, call your grandma or an old friend that would appreciate your time, visit a friend that is sick, or make a gift basket for a family that is expecting. Take the time to be more thoughtful, more loving, more generous, more kind, and give more of yourself to the world instead of the endless stream of false-reality.

Watch this video and feel inspired to live more fully!


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