Winter is here.

The Stark’s knew it was on the way all along and it always comes back around eventually. But before we all get snowed in in the middle of July, let’s recap what happened to the main characters in Season 6.

Jon Snow: He is risen!!! The Red Woman/Priestess worked her blood magic and I loved every second of him laying naked on that table while she muttered her spells. Then he was reunited with Sansa and marched through The North to get houses to rally behind so they could take back Winterfell. During the Battle of The Bastards, Ramsay Bolton who had imprisoned Rickon Stark let him run back to Jon across the battlefield. Rickon didn’t get the memo to not run in a straight line so he was arrowed down. RIP. The fight ensued and the Knights of The Veil came to the rescue at the last minute thanks to Littlefinger. Now the Stark’s are back in Winterfell with Jon named the King in The North.

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Sansa Stark: She successfully escaped Ramsay and his torturous ways!! Shout out to Theon for helping with that. She finally decided to let Brienne of Tarth watch over her and they start up north to get Jon at Castle Black. Their reunion left everyone with a little sniffle. From there she tells off Littlefinger for giving her to Ramsey yet still seems to make eye contact with him once Winterfell is won. Her sudden change in facial expression as Lady Mormont says Jon is the King In The North has everyone a bit worried.

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Bran Stark: AKA The Three-Eyed Raven. He sorta messed up a little bit by letting the Night King touch him while he was having a vision. Now he got all the children and the OG three-eyed raven killed so him and his troupe went off to the woods. Yet, Hodor didn’t make it and I can’t talk about it because I still sob. RIP.. and always hold the door for people. Then he was saved by his Uncle Benjen and was led to a weirwood tree for his last, and most important vision. It reveals the Jon Snow is not a bastard of Ned Stark but actually a Targaryen as he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryan. We had all figured that out though.

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Arya Stark: She began the season blind and getting beaten by that very rude faceless girl. After a few fights were lost, the faceless man takes her back under his wing and gives her her sight back. She is given a mission to kill a woman with the traveling play. Instead, Arya grows fond of her as she watches the play of what’s been happening in Westeros during her time away. The actress doesn’t die and the faceless people are not happy, so the girl began hunting Arya again. Eventually Arya wins, gives the faceless man the face of the faceless girl, and says she is leaving. And so begins her killing spree. RIP Walder Frey and Meryn Trant.

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Cersei Lannister: She is just as crazy as ever. After her atonement she’s been getting cabin fever in the Red Keep. Her friend The Mountain has kept the haters at bay though. The prophecy she was told as a child is now almost completely filled. Her last living child, Tommen, is king and is married to Margaery Tyrell. The royal couple has joined forces with the High Sparrow and his Faith Militant causing Cersei to freak the eff out. So instead of showing up to her trial, she takes a page from the Mad King’s book and lights the entire thing up with wildfire. Margaery was in there, along with most of King’s Landing. Tommen steps out of window. And her prophecy is fulfilled completely. RIP to the royal fam and everyone else.

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Jaime Lannister: He was professing his love to Cersei at the beginning of the season saying they were the only two people who matter in the world. His statement to take back everything that was taken from them may have been what pushed Cersei over the edge to literally take oll of the lives that were in the Sept of Baelor. From that moment he is sent on an errand to take back the Riverlands as the Frey’s have lost them, again. He is reunited with Brienne here and we all swoon for a minute because they are actually really cute and should be together. But after the Tully’s give up the castle, Jaime let’s her escape unharmed. He goes back to King’s Landing as Cersei is being crowned Queen and he does not look pleased.

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Tyrion Lannister: He starts to take his diplomatic career a lot more seriously now that he is working under Daenerys’ rule. He makes friends with the two smaller dragons and tries to get Grey Worm and Missandei to loosen up with her wine tactics. He gets Mereen up and running again while she is gone and attempts to make peace with their enemies. It doesn’t go too well but Drogon flies overhead to teach them who is boss now. RIP to the two slavers who were not shown mercy. Tyrion gets named Hand of The Queen and they all begin to sail towards Westeros.

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Daenerys Targaryan: Taking names and kicking butt with some dragons alongside her per usual. She was taken for a brief time by the Dothraki to join the Dosh Khaleen, the place where all widows of former Khal’s go. Daenarys is not about that life so she burns their place down and gets the hoard to follow her to Mereen. Sound familiar? She goes back to Mereen to find her city under attack and all her ships burnt down to ashes. Luckily Yara and Theon Greyjoy come soon after with more ships and they join her in the fight to take the Iron Throne. She also broke up with her soldier boyfriend and sent Jorah to find a cure for his greyscale.

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Honorable mentions: Olenna Tyrell is now in cahoots with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes to get back at the Lannisters. Brienne was seen rowing away from the Riverlands with Pod. The Hound was with the Brotherhood Without Banners after killing some of them who killed the people who saved him. Sir Davos found the stag he had given Shireen at the bottom of an old pyre and tells Jon Snow; Jon banishes The Red Woman south.

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