Wow! What an adventure the World Tour has been. Steve and I set out for a world tour and really didn’t know what would come of it. We are so lucky, blessed, fortunate to be able to do what we love and spread it as far as we can.

We have been to so many amazing countries together. Coming from someone who didn’t have a passport before working for Zumba, this still shocks me! How did that even happen? We have met the most amazing people and see parts of the world we only dreamed of. The more I see of the world, the more I realize we truly are all the same. Our struggles may look different, our triumphs may be different but the emotions we feel are all the same.

Zumba people are not just any people. I feel Zumba people are some of the most passionate, kind, energetic, and sometimes outrageous people on the planet…myself included.

We love big. We welcome any and everyone into our classes and show them that it doesn’t matter their age, color, fitness level, sexual preference, religion, they are home. A smelly, sweaty home it may be, but within those walls of the Zumba class they come as they are and leave feeling better. Thats what we do.

Within the Kass and Steve World Tour 2017, we wanted to leave the participants and attendees with more than just moves, and calories burned. We spend time with them before and after to uplift, motivate and inspire them to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Steve and I have a lot to say about pushing yourself further than you believed you could as we are bot living proof of it. I grew up at the classic underachiever. I didn’t push myself for fear of failure. Of course at that time I didn’t recognize it as such, but looking back I definitely can. That’s the tricky thing about hindsight being 20/20. If only we could go back in time and visit ourselves back when we were younger, more insecure, fighting with our own trials and inner demons, what we would say to ourselves???

Steve and I have a session we teach at convention called “The Power of Connecting” and this is one of the drills we do. “If you could visit the ten year old version of yourself…knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself?” Wow what an eye opener that is! My response was “You are not broken”. I can go into that on another day! 😀

That’s my thoughts and feels for the day.



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