I still find my traveling to other countries mind blowing. I went to bed in SLC, and woke up in Amsterdam. ✈️ 

As a child-well, and as a adult I never saw myself traveling anywhere outside of where we could drive ourselves. 

Now here I am in Denmark! What??? Yes, I’ve been to many many countries and it still boggles my brain. Even the thought of traveling in the sky on a plane is crazy to me!

I’m back at it on World Tour classes with Steve Boedt. What a freaking party this has been. I am solo here for one day before Steve arrives and then the fun really begins.


The next 10 days will be filled with classes in Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, and Belgium. We kick off the trip with a Pro Skills training in Denmark. By far my favorite zumba training to give as I learn so much each time and learning is fun! I also truly enjoy seeing the participants learn. They push themselves, they grow, they share and this to me is what life is all about. 

This trip was initially going to turn into a family vacation. My family was going to meet me in Belgium at the end of this Kass and Steve World Tour leg and we were going to venture to Paris as well as London. We were thrilled with this upcoming adventure. However…my son just started junior high (I know I know…I look way too young to have a son this age right?????‍♀️?. That’s a joke, my lines show it well!) and with all the new responsibilities he was facing with school work and with football he was worried on the timing. 

My kids have never been outside the country (aside from visiting Belize via Carnival Cruise) so this was going to be epic! We are going to put these plans on hold until March. 

So here I am in Denmark. There are many people who would love to have solo time, time to think! Time to be in silence for just one day. I am completely on the same page. But it also comes at a cost if your a homebody like me and can get quite homesick in these quiet moments. 

Being alone when you want to be alone can be therapeutic. Being alone somewhat by force (hotel rooms, flights, traveling) makes you really see who you are. What you think about, eat, do…when it’s just you. I loveto online shop in these moments which can really get me in trouble. Online shopping and eating larger than life portions of candy. The combo can be toxic and I really try to avoid this. 

I believe that knowledge is power and that filling my brain with as many positive things I can will benefit me and ultimately make me stronger when I am faced with difficulties along the way. Difficulties will come. No one is exempt from life. Life doesn’t discriminate. Love, loss, sickness, health, happiness, sadness happen to everyone. 

I love to read “self help” books, listen to podcasts on positive thinking, successful business people, and athletes…this keeps my brain in a space of learning rather than twiddling my thumbs waiting for the jet lag to wear off or finding said candy. Why is shopping online so fun and easy??? It’s that whole instant gratification what we get. We search, we find, we purchase, we get an email congratulating us on our great achievement of sinking more money into clothing or items that probably won’t fit or look near as good as they did on the image displayed on the site. These are not real problems. Lol. 

Now, when Steve’s here we work on work. We love to analyze teaching techniques and the smoothness of cuing and choreography. We talk, we share, we develope new classes, we laugh, we eat, we chit chat and we definitely are goofy. But mostly we do what friends do and that’s just being together, talking about anything under the sun. 
I’m looking forward to this experience the next ten days. I always know there will be roadblocks, there always is. When you add flying for your commute it really can get tricky. We have the saying “nothing can tamper our mood!” And we believe it. Finding a solution to problems is key to happiness and we love to spread that happiness to others.
Ok folks,

Until next time!!!


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