This past weekend was perfection for me. I ended up covering a work training here in Utah on Friday and was able to spend the day with one of my favorite and longest friends at the training. It’s amazing when my two worlds collide. 

After the training the kids had their own plans for a Friday night (signs of getting older and having old kids) so Bri and I went to see some of his crossfit friends compete in a competition. It was awesome! These people are dedicated, strong, fierce and focused.

I love that there are so many different types of workouts. Everyone can find their niche. There’s a place for us all to thrive and be healthy and happy.

Friday was filled with games and family things and then we headed up to the canyon to spend the night at our friend’s cabin.

Wow! What a fun trip! Short and sweet and packed with fun. 

Their cabin is about 45 minutes from our house and sits in the most beautiful canyon. The fall colors are incredible! Leaves of every shade. The mountain looks like a colorful painting and something out of this world. 

 We were there with two of our friends and their families and the kids were getting along perfectly. There’s something about getting out of the norm that kicks on the creativity for the kids. We stayed up late, talking, eating and feeling like youngsters. It was awesome!

We have been friends with Leigh, Ty, Katie and Steve for years and there’s such a comfort level there. I admire each of them for who they are, the parents they are, the friends they are. Spending time with them is refreshing and so so fun. 

The cabin is equipped with everything needed for s’mores, four wheeling, razoring, games, movies. You name it, they’ve got it.

We explored around on Sunday and went to this awesome rope swing which was tucked inside the trees. We were entertained for a couple hours right there at that one spot. Nature is incredible  like that. 

We came home Sunday afternoon and had my mom and Brian’s parents over for dinner. 
We are heading to Australia this week. I have work and Brian and I are going to turn it into our 15 year anniversary. 
Brian’s parents went a year or so ago and were giving us amazing tips on what to see and where to go. Our excitement is through the roof! Come Tuesday these dreams of going to Australia and visiting these amazing sites will become a reality! 

Here’s some pictures of our cabin fun and the amazing leaves. 

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