I have many people who are my inspirations. I think there is inspiration to be found for many aspects of your life.

A good home designer, mother, fashion icon, fitness expert, friend, person…

My mom is such an inspiration to me. As all mother daughter duos go, there’s a rise and fall of how well you get along.

I remember the days of many eye rolls with my mom…high school was definitely a struggle. I’m sure my mom wanted to kill me.

A few of the ways my mom inspires me:

Her kindness. She is truly the nicest woman I have ever known.

Her positivity. She wakes up, counts her blessings, walks upright and sees the good in life-regardless of her current life situation.

She always gives people the benefit of the doubt. My mom is the ultimate cheerleader of any and everyone.

She forgives easily and doesn’t hold grudges. I’m more of a spitfire and she shows me a better way to treat others.

She taught me the love of fitness and taking care of your body. This was where the hardship was as a chubby teenager. I worked out since I was allowed in the gym, it was a the skittles and mini loaves of bread at lunch that she tried to steer me from…and my resistance to this now makes me chuckle. I just didn’t get it. She tried to help me with my insecurities and thunder thighs. Again…I just didn’t get it. Haha.

She works hard. She has taught group fitness since I was born. I remember when she started working full time at Prescriptives at ZCMI when we moved to Utah. I felt a little lost in the shuffle, but she was trying her best to help provide the things we needed and wanted. And she didn’t complain about that.

She is thoughtful. She would always leave a little note in my lunch “xoxo mom” “love you”…this made me feel important.

Who inspires you and why??


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