I never thought I would travel. I think I set my jet setting standards pretty low growing up, believing I would never see the world, never see the Eiffel Tower, visit Italy, eat a waffle in Belgium. 

With my work being Zumba, and Zumba being a global company it has definitely blown my mind on the regular, of the places I’ve been able to visit and share my Zumba Love. ❤️

Where would you go if you could visit anywhere? What if the getting there was not an issue? If getting a passport were no problem (We in the USA don’t get passports like my European friends do. Or maybe that was just me.) 

What is on your bucket list? I would love to go to Brazil, China, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, just to name a few. I have hit a lot of destinations but not these and I would just love to see them! Now that I’ve started, I want to see every place and experience every culture. 

Do you fear traveling? 

I was listening in on someone else’s conversation whilst getting my nails done. Yes, eavesdropping haha! But!!! I did talk to the ladies after hearing enough of the conversation to interject.

One gal (nail technician) was speaking of her fear of all things travel related. I totally get that. The unknown can be scary but only if we let it. I’ve learned to not let it scare me at all.

She was speaking of her fear of UBER in particular which was why I, giggling, said “I have to interject here. This conversation is just cracking me up!” They weren’t in the least bit offended (at least to my knowledge) and laughed at it as well. 

The one getting her nails done told me about some cool experiences she has had traveling and now I have a couple new things on my bucket list. She was visiting Peru and she and her husband slept in treehouses. This sounds fascinating to me and I feel I have got to try this!!!! 

There were no doors, or walls, just a netting surrounding the sleeping area which was to keep the monkeys, snakes and sloths away. How about that for a little nighttime story to scare you away from sleeping?! I have never had quite an adventure like that!!! 

I just love to see how others live, love, thrive and survive.  

What’s on your bucket list? What’s going to keep you from getting there? What are you willing to do to see these amazing places you dream of? 
There’s my two cents for today. 


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