Searching for happiness seems to be a common theme of life.

I feel most people chase after others definition of happiness and then wonder why they themselves don’t fill fullfilled, happy or satisfied.

I love this quote. It validates that we are all different, have different meanings of happiness, even down to what we were wearing when we felt “in love with ourselves”.

An example that comes to mind is-I grew up resisting teaching fitness classes. My mom (having taught for decades) was sure that I could find that same happiness in teaching as she did. Now I am a fitness instructor but it’s MY fit. It’s the kind of music that speaks to me, the clothing, the feeling, atmosphere and people. These are all the things that together make teaching Zumba the place where I feel in love with my job.

Don’t try and fit into someone’s “happy”. Be in your happy. What do you wear where you feel it’s a reflection of who you are? Not what looks good on the model. Does what you’re putting into the universe reflect what’s inside? Who are you with when you feel most alive? What are you eating? What are you listening to?

Paint that picture in your mind and bring that to life. ❤️

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