What’s your take on social media? Do you feel you’re…Dare I say it, ADDICTED??? How much of your day is spent looking at others living their lives?

It’s such a different world we live in these days. We often think others’ lives are so much more pulled together than they may be, because of what is portrayed on social media platforms. Portrayed is the key word here.

If I look at Instagram, I am constantly making a mental analysis of the reality of the posts. Instagram is a highlight reel. Our favorite parts of the day. Not the negative things that get us down, complaining, nagging… I use my platform to hopefully inspire, uplift and help others to smile in their day.

I’m definitely not losing my cool and showing what I look like when all my flights get delayed, canceled, or missed. That ain’t pretty! I’ll tell you that much! That’s not the inspiring part of my job. So, I don’t show it. BUT, I try and capture the reality of the highs and the in between moments. I want someone to meet me and think-“Yeah, she’s about what I expected from what she portrays on Instagram.” It’s important for me to be authentic as possible.

How REAL are you on your highlights REEL???

Here are 5 tips I use to keep a level head in the wild world of social media.

1. Only allow a certain amount of time on your social media. It’s amazing how much time can get lost real fast while surfing from one page to another.

2. Make those around you know you are engaged WITH them. No phones at dinner, or family time. I may make a quick few insta stories but then I stick my phone in my pocket or purse and don’t take it out until it’s appropriate and not taking away from the moment, the memories or the people I am with. This is, of course, a work in progress.

3. Understand that everyone looks better in Instagram than real life. 🤔😬We get to pick the right poses, angles, lighting to post. Real life is less flattering. It’s real, raw and awesome. Less flattering doesn’t mean it’s less amazing! I’d rather have someone think I’m great in real life than on Instagram. Don’t get wrapped up in the lies behind the lens of the camera. Make sense? I don’t post my ugliest pics. Lol. I’m just being honest. Those go in the trash folder or saved for a later moment to make me laugh!

4. Don’t fall into cyber bullying. Don’t write negative comments to people. Just because you CAN never means you SHOULD! It’s not nice. Be a nice person. Sending negativity to anyone is just putting yourself in a lower position. Others lose respect for you. If you trash anyone, you could trash them. And that doesn’t make friends or keep them.

5. If you receive negativity…allow for the truth to be seen. What can you learn from it? I’ve had nasty comments before. Comments, messages, emails… I know right away the spirit in which the message was sent. If it’s a bad intention, I delete it. I delete it before reading it. I know who I am. I can choose what I feed into my mind and soul. I know right away if it’s cyber bullying. If it’s from someone I know, love, respect. I seek for the truth in the statement, and look at how I can grow. Sometimes it’s getting a thicker skin, sometimes is seeing my fault in the situation. Regardless, don’t retaliate. It’s your job to worry about you. If you reread the message, make yourself feeling worse and worse…that’s not helpful. If you then gossip-telling everyone you know how this person said this or that…that’s not helpful either. Delete it and move forward.  If you retaliate, you’re lowering yourself. Move on, move forward. Love as much as you can. And never try and fix crazy! 🤪 An apology for the misunderstanding could be suitable but don’t add fuel to the fire.

I know the people in my life I can trust-those who really know and love me. There’s times where I seek for their advice to help me see the truth in the message. It’s good to get an outside opinion. I’m not spreading the gossip but asking from a place of growth on how I can change. I don’t mention names, I just ask for their take on it. If this is in fact a flaw I need to be enlightened on, I’m happy to work on it. I’m in the business of happiness and goodness. Aren’t we all? That’s what we want in this world.

Watch for your Triggers. When on social media-What takes you from happy to feeling bad about yourself? Quit spending time making yourself feel worse. Spend your precious time on making a bigger difference for good. Time is the only thing we cannot get back.

Much loves! 🖤Kass

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