When I look back on some of the best most amazing experiences of Zumba, I am always brought to one conclusion…it’s all about the people.

When you are young, attending school gives you many options of who you want to be friends with. You can see who you relate best to, be it the jocks, or girly girls, or popular group, or math wiz kids, or whatever it may be. Now fast forward 20-30 years and you don’t have that same option. Maybe you’re stuck in a job you don’t love, surrounded by people you don’t particularly care for, or don’t get along with all that well. While looking to the cubical on your left and your right you’re thinking, “Is this really it??? Is this who I spend most of my time with??” “Where are the days of having so many kids to chose from you could jump from group to group within a recess and still have options the next day?

Zumba is the adult playground. It’s recess. Recess from your life, your responsibilities, your bills, or troubling relationships. It’s a time to clear your mind and just be you. In that freeing of the things that weigh you down, even if only for an hour, you’re broken back down to the basics of who you really are. There’s no labels. When you let go of the pressures of life, and you’re surrounded by those who are doing the same, you connect again. You talk, smile, socialize, share energy, laugh.

In the newly 10 years of teaching, I have come to see how I connect with so many students or people I’ve come in passing with. These people aren’t the cookie cutter type I may have found earlier in life, or the steer types of the playground back in elementary school. These are just people connection with people and in doing that, I have forged some of the strongest friendships which I’m so grateful for.

When is the last time you opened yourself up to new people, new friend possibilities, new connections? How did it go? Were you surprised to see how well you got along?

Share your stories with me. I want to hear!

That’s it for tonight!


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