Where passion is not found, no virtue ever dwelt.” — Maria Brooks

As an education specialist for Zumba Fitness I am lucky. I would venture to say 100% of the people who come through the doors to be trained, have an un-teachable quality for what they’re doing. They have passion.

Passion cannot be taught. Passion for what you do is where you make your individual mark on the world. Everyone has a different passion, these can also vary in depth.

I have a passion for Zumba Fitness that runs deep. I became an instructor and wanted to learn everything I could about the topic. I did everything I could to grow, reach new limits and expand my borders of possibilities.

I didn’t look at it as a hobby-this was connecting the dots of something in my soul. That connection set me on fire.

What is your passion? I do not believe in making excuses for your passions-why should someone passionate about art, computers, dentistry, organization, design, athletics, mathematics, or dance ever have to fake their way.

Finding a job, career, hobby that keeps these passions alive and kicking is key to happiness. It’s been such a joy for me to have a job where my passion for music, dance, people all comes together in something I can make a living with.

When I narrow in on what makes me passionate about Zumba, it comes down to the people. I am fascinated with people and what makes them unique. Zumba is a vehicle in which I have been able to watch them grow. Help them grow. Giving them permission to be themselves in an environment where they are doing good things for their body, mind and soul.

Here is a great blog post on the topic, and a few favorite paragraphs:

“For a word that’s thrown around a lot these days, passion seems to be largely misunderstood. As I reach a crossroads in my personal and professional life/development, I am in the process of discovering my true passion.

Notice I say “discovering” my passion, not learning my passion. Passion can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. You discover you have a passion for a skill or a profession, or you discover you don’t.

Just like you don’t “learn to love” someone, you don’t “learn to have passion.” Passion is like energy. You can’t teach energy. But you can cultivate and harness energy, just as you can do the same with passion.

You can’t force people to be passionate about something they aren’t, whether it’s your brand, or a sport, or technology, or whatever it is that’s your passion. They either are or not.”

Passion Can’t Be Taught

What is your passion? Are you cultivating it? Helping it to grow? Are you shutting it down, putting it on the back burner? Is there a way to do what you need to do-pay the bills, be a responsible human, and still find a place for your passion? Is there a way to make money with your passion?

Try it out, follow your instincts, be creative, feed that passion and take notice of how it feels to have a bigger place in your life.




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