I recently had the best little getaway weekend with my two oldest friends. Not old as in age, but old as in time. My cousin Brittney is the definition of friendship for me and Meg who is right there beside her. I say Brittney is the definition because friendship literally started with her. She is my cousin-our moms are sisters. When we were 6 her parents stuck her on a plane and sent her to visit me. How cool is that!!!? Her grandparents lived in a nearby neighborhood in Concord, CA and so this was the perfect trip to see them and me. This is the first time I really remember hanging out with a friend. We were bosom buddies.

Meg and I became friends in 3rd grade when I moved from California to Utah. We have been playing ever since! We try and find time weekly to see each other. Most the time our time together is spent at the gym and then running errands together. We will take whatever we can get. ❤️❤️

Brittney moved to California 11 years ago and it’s a daily thing to miss her here with us. When she visits Utah to see her family, our lives go on hold. We just sit around and talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more.

There are memories we wish we didn’t remember and so many we wish we could live again and again. We often say it’s a miracle that we survived in one piece with all our crazy experiences. I am sure our parents knew nothing about these. We didn’t party but we were wild in the sense of crazy, spastic, dorkiness. Pretty much how I am now. I’ll embarrass just about anyone if you’re around me long enough.

I had work in San Fransisco, California for a really cool event. This class was a surprise birthday party. I had never done anything like this before. I am going to have to write about another time bc it was super cool. Anyway, the second I knew I was heading to California, I had immediate dreams of us meeting in San Fransisco. I always have big dreams of my friends and family joining me at work. I get to go and see some of the coolest places ever for Zumba events and who doesn’t want to join in on that party?

I don’t know how I managed to talk the two of these girls into coming but I did it! I couldn’t believe it. Even heading to the airport it wasn’t real. FOMO is a real deal holyfield. Britt was still working hard on babysitters and shuffling of her kids before she would really commit to the trip. I don’t think she was feeling too optimistic but Meg and I slapped her with a big helping of FOMO, and before we knew it we were there making plans. In no time we booked flights and hotel. It was awesome, we were heading to San Fran.

We did some awesome things, saw some great sites, ate amazing food, The best part about anything that we did was that we were there doing it together. My favorite moment was all three of us laying in one bed laughing about who knows what. Watching videos of funny people doing funny things.

One thing I noticed is that when I travel is I don’t really care what we do. I keep a very low profile on my opinions and basically let someone else take the driver’s seat. If no one else is making plans than I will. I have onserved that since I have to make a lot of decisions for work, I love to chill and go along for the ride. Want to eat here? Yup! Want to go there? Yup! Should we do this? Sure! Brittney had recently visited San Fran and she is a planner by nature so Meg and I just nodded and followed. It was perfection.

Something we brought up was would you rather plan a big fun party or go on a trip? Let’s say you’re celebrating your 20 year anniversary, or 40th birthday…what do you do?

I have these grand ideas of throwing an awesome party. I really wanted to do a fun 15 year anniversary party. Dress up real crazy and do a renewing of our vows and write things like, “I promise to always let you chose what we watch on TV.” I vow to tell you I’m not hungry and then eat part of your meal anyway.” “I promise to always have the heat up too high so that you’re nearly sweating in the car” Funny vows like this, have amazing food, music and dancing. Our 15 year anniversary came and went and we ended up having the most amazing trip to Australia to celebrate. We saw the most amazing beauties on the other side of the world. We saw real life kangaroos, beautiful fish in the great barrier reef, took a tour of the Sydney Opera House, WOW it was incredible.

I wanted to throw Brian a really fun birthday party for his 30th birthday. This was a number of years ago. When I was describing how fun this would be, who we could invite, what we could do…Brian informed me that he was actually going to be celebrating his 32nd birthday and not his 30th! haha. Shows you just how fast time flies and how in denial I am of growing old. It happens far faster than you think.

One of the funnest parties I have ever ever been to was my friend Steve Boedt’s 40th birthday. It was so so fun and exactly how I would have loved to have done it. There was a gorgeous setting, delicious food, a DJ, a drag queen, games, and amazing group of people.The best part was, just when I might have thought the night was coming to an end and I had danced all I could, I looked behind me and there is someone delivering hot french fries to keep up the energy. I LOVED it!

So now I ask you, what would you do? Party or trip? Would you go on a cruise, take a trip to a new place? Go with spouse, best friends, family, solo?

I think I need to do both! As Britt, Met and I talked over the options and I think we all decided on a trip. Planning the trip seemed easier. Maybe I’ll hire Steve to come and plan a party for me since his was such a success!


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