Everyone and their dogs are currently spending all their free time watching the olympics. Isn’t it amazing! I love to see the thrill and excitement of these amazing talents who have dedicated their lives to the sport. I get so happy for them. To achieve that level is just incredible. I love to watch people do what they have worked so hard for. To see the ease of what they are doing shows just how long they have worked to perfect their craft. This global uniting over the sports we all love is something we look forward to every two years.

Which are your favorites to watch? It’s passed midnight and we just watched Red Gerard kill it on the snowboarding event. He’s 17. Know what I was doing at 17? Not anything near olympic competition status I’ll tell you that much. Unless crushing on boys and eating candy was a sport I could have competed in.

My cousin was training to be on the olympic team for the long jump like Eddie the Eagle. I always have been proud of that. Being from Utah there was a lot of talk of hopefuls for the games which is pretty exciting.

Brian and I are currently watching the snowboarding event and I am watching these athletes scream down the mountain and spin in all kids of directions. I am kind of talking to myself and say aloud “How do they even learn these tricks? How is that even possible?” Brian replies “Well, these are the things I teach them in my clinic.” I start to laugh. this is something we do. When there’s an impressive movie I’ll turn to him and say, “It’s amazing how well it turned out. I mean, filming this was so difficult considering the weather conditions.” or something completely bogus like that. Anyway, I toy with his clinic idea and ask, “So what is this clinic called?” and his response is “The Trick Shack. The Park City Trick Shack”. I might need to go and take classes. Sounds pretty legit.

We are waiting for the final results to see the ranking for the event. 17 years old. Wow. I love when they pan to the crowd and see the family of USA contender Red. He is one of 7 kids. They are all there in Korea supporting him, cheering him on, waiting for the score. This is not just one person’s dream, this is the dream of the entire family, and the country he is supporting. The pressure would be enough to make me curl into the fetal position and become useless but not Red. He just won the olympic gold medal. Amazing, truly Amazing.

If you could snap your fingers and become an olympic athlete, which sport would you compete in? Which are the most exciting for you to watch? If you did a neighborhood olympic games, and you got to add your own sport, what would it be? Best weeder?? Cookie maker? Carpool rocker? 😀 😀 😀 Maybe we should be starting that. Mr. So and So got the silver in 2018 neighborhood olympics in the cul-de-sac clean up event and Mrs. What’s her face got the gold medal in the neighborhood friendly smile event.

Only in my little weird world inside my head. Only in my head.


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