While these pics are full of fun and happiness…there’s one thing I am well aware of. I cannot play tennis. Some people say that and kind of batt their eyes, and shrug their shoulders and then actually play a decent game when push comes to shove. This is not me.

I truly cannot play tennis. I have found that pickleball on the other hand is something I can hold my own on. 1. The ball moves MUCH slower! 2. You use half the court. 3. You can hit it with far less accuracy and it doesn’t fly over the fence like it’s been launched out of a rocket.

My family was playing a fun game of tennis and my sister Emily asked if I wanted to play some tennis with her. I knew this wasn’t going to be pretty. And let me tell you, it was far uglier than we both thought. Haha! She is as bad as I am and that brings us some sort of sick satisfaction.

Brian has coined me as “foot-eye coordinated”. This isn’t really a thing, it’s just my thing. My thing he placed on me to make me feel better about myself. Haha! He found out about my lack of tennis skills when we tried to play on or honeymoon and has never asked me to play again…it’s been almost 15 years.  (Story coming)

Foot-eye coordinated means you can do sports that require fast feet, I.E. dancing, running, soccer, gymnastics. Now, include anything else AT ALL: a ball, racket, bat, club, disc…then it’s basically game over.

Being that I found my equally terrible tennis partner in Emily, we happily switched sports from tennis to pickleball (remember shorter court, slower ball) and rocked! Rocked could be a strong word, but by comparison to our tennis game-we felt like we were ready to compete at pickleball. She has since ordered her own pickleball set because she felt that good.

We played doubles with our men and it really was fun. Games are something that takes a little extra effort to organize and commit to, and then once you’re in it, it’s such a blast!

Now a little history in Bri Guy and I and our tennis squabble.

Rewind time to the 20 year old Kass. We were just married and having a honeymoon in Palm Springs California. I don’t really know why we picked this location. Well…yes I do, it was California, cheap (got the room for free) and we could drive there and save money. When you marry as 20 and 22 year olds you take what you can get.

We had the best time. It rained and rained and rained some more. Not really the sunny getaway we were hoping but it was much warmer than the icy conditions of Utah in December 2002. We chilled, ate, went to the movies, relaxed. When we got the urge, we tried tennis.

Brian IS in fact VERY hand eye coordinated. I was launching these tennis balls left and right, over the fence, sideways, out of reach, out of bounds. He was trying to give me advice. I was soooo not having it. I wasn’t nearly as assured of myself and this “help” wasn’t helping my insecurities. I remember him stating that his sister Jenny and he would go and hit balls and have the funnest time playing together.

My response to all this was “I don’t ever remember telling you, at any point in our dating that I was good at tennis!” “I am not your sister Jenny!” It makes me laugh now but I’m sure Brian was just rolling his eyes and thinking “Grow up! And take some critiques to get better!” I happily report that I am better at this now. Not tennis…no no no not tennis, but in taking advice, help and constructive criticizsm from people.

I am more grown up to know that learning and growing is life and that learning from others doesn’t show weakness but a willingness to improve and that’s a good thing.

What do your families do when you get together? Are you a biking family? Do you golf? Play cards? Sing?

Let me know! Give me some ideas so the next time I’m faced with a tennis match, I’ll have a good offer to do something different. ?



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