Being a mom is my favorite title, job, hobby, or interest. It’s my current obsession, label, favorite past time, everything in this world circles around those two beings. 👦🏻👧🏻

We fill the walls of our home with love and laughter and like any other home-ups and down and arguments too. We aren’t perfect, but we are Martins, and together we are unbreakable.

I have said it many times before, being a mom is not about teaching them the ways of the world. They teach me about myself and how I need to change to be a better person-to better lead them to become whatever they want in this life.

Every mom is proud of their children. They poop, burp or sneeze and we feel like the heavens have opened! It’s a natural instinct. You don’t even mean to adore them, kiss their faces off, worry about them. They are yours and so this is what your life is forever and ever. You are filled with joy at just the sight of them.

I have also been filled with rage! 🤪 and somehow feel like a monster when my parenting goes awry and I cannot actually control them. Yes this should be common sense, but you are used to them taking your lead and then you’re looking at them-they are just a toddler. They are screaming and crying for a cookie at Target and you’re wondering what planet you just got beamed to-because this is not what you had expected.

My kids have taught me to be more kind. More open minded, more loving, more fun, more aware. I see the person I am through them. I change my ways to try and be more for them so they are prepared for this big big life.

We loved celebrating our sweet Miss B today and reflecting on all that she is to us. We wrapped up her birthday with what we call, “I love you because…”. We go one by one telling the birthday girl why we love her-and try and make it specific. It’s good to share these feelings of love and it’s good to hear when it’s your turn.

I love a whole lot about Miss B and being stuck together forever is simply amazing.




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