I recently had lunch with a group of women from my neighborhood, from my ward. We all come from different walks of life, different ages, different backgrounds.

I love a mixture of experiences like this. There is so much to learn from each other. We spoke about to dye or not to dye your hair. What in the world is happening with the weather! How do manage children and their need for electronics…or OUR need for electronics.

Things I am struggling with these days in particular with kids.

1. What is the proper way to discipline? I need new ideas, creative ways. I immediately fall to the taking away of electronics. When my kids are fighting…out go the electronics. If we lose our ability to talk nicely to each other, then I take away the distractions and make them talk some more, until they figure it out. A couple of the other mothers at lunch do the same. One had a great idea of when her kids are fighting or disobeying, they do math sheets. It gets their minds on other problems they can solve and not on what’s bothering them about the other. Another great suggestion was from my friend Megan. Her daughter has her children do pushups. How AWESOME is that??? When her kids are misbehaving, down they go. Drop and give me 20. I don’t even know if I could drop and give someone 20. ­čÖé

2. How to get supply things for my kids to do to earn money? My kids want MONEY!!! Don’t we all? What jobs can I give them to help them earn money? I have a cleaning crew that comes 2 times a month to do the deep cleaning in my house. I LOVE them. It’s something that I truly love and look forward. I trust the women who come, they do an incredible job and this frees up time for me to focus on family and other things. This is a decision we have made with my schedule and it may be a temporary thing but for now it’s staying. They don’t do laundry, dishes, and mid week chores of course but these are the ways that my kids earn their allowance. So how do they go above and beyond the $5 a week they earn by helping out with chores?

A great suggestion was organizing drawers and cabinets. This to be is brilliant and right up Bridget’s ally. She loves to organize. Sometimes this organizing takes a bad turn mid project and looks more like armegeddan than clean but she has a knack for it. I am going to set personal goals for reading, being punctual, getting ready on time to earn some extra money for them. I also will assign Dayne some cleaning for the basement as the cleaners only clean the main level.

What do you do?

How do you help your kids understand the value of a dollar. How do they “work” before working age? Babysitting, shoveling snow, raking leaves…I’m open to all suggestions!

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