“A ship is always safe at the shore but that is not what it’s built for.” — Albert Einstein

Everyone needs a Rory. Rory is our family friend who sends us daily quotes and inspiration. It’s awesome, he’s awesome. He wakes up and starts the day by motivating others. No wonder he is such a happy person.

I’ll be passing along many of the great finds he sends my way at 7:00am. ??

I love this quote. It stirs me. I used to be afraid,. Name it and I was afraid of it. Afraid to the point I checked doors and windows nightly (admittedly a couple times) to make sure they were secure. I also checked under beds for who knows what! Someone who was going to kidnap me??? All I found was piles of clothes and mis matched shoes I had stuffed under my bed when my mom said to clean my room.

I was also afraid of failure. Fear of failure is paralyzing. You don’t recognize it, but time passes and you’re standing in the same place. No progress made, no direction. Just looking at opportunities or possibilities you talk yourself out of, for fear of what might happen…never taking into account that one of those possibilities is success.

At some point I realized that just like this quote, my ship is not meant to stay safe in the harbor. I am the captain, there is a sea of possibility and it’s mine for the taking. This epiphany saved my life.

What would you do if you knew, for certain you’d succeed?

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