We are half way into our family vacation and there are so many highlights already.

Bear Lake is known for its caribbean blue water and deliciously famous raspberry shakes.

We began coming to Bear Lake about five years ago. Brian’s parents have a place up here nestled into the mountains overlooking the beautiful lake. This home is now a place filled with memories of family fun, laughter, great food and games.

With the busyness of my schedule, the ease of hopping in the car and getting to detach from all the typical pressures of life is just my kind of trip. It’s far enough where I cannot keep my regular schedule (no running back to teach Zumba at Vasa), yet quick enough to drive to within a few short hours.

Top 5 Highlights:

1. Morning walks. This has been one of the best ways I connected with Brian’s mom and sisters. We wake up early and talk about all kinds of topics while keeping up the fastest walking pace aside from the Olympic Games. ??

2. The fave activity is boating and I love to see my man give instruction patiently to the kids and newbies on wakeboarding and surfing. Then see him launch them into the sky with zero regard of fear while tubing. ? He loves to get the worlds biggest wave ? and launch the kids sky high.

3. Endless sunshine. Nuff said. Thank you summer!

4. Juanito Bandito at Pickleville Playhouse. My friend swore by this show a few years ago m. Once we went that first time…we were hooked! We would come up to Bear Lake just for the laughter in this show-even if all other highlights were taken away. Yeah…it’s that’s awesome!

5. Seeing my kids having the best time with their cousins. This is priceless. The ties that lie in family are unbreakable. There’s so much history and love there.

I have to give major kudos to my inlaws for keeping the trip running like a well oiled machine. This trip is all planned out. We each have assignments of dinner (we rocked the classic Kass and Brian meal of meatball subs), Each day has an agenda and each family has one night for an activity. I love this organization. It’s not rigid at all, but gives everyone an idea of what to expect and then we don’t have one million questions from all the grandkids on what we are doing today. (Hallelujah!)

One thing I have learned over the years is that deep rooted connections with people is what ultimately makes you happy. Times like this make the miles between us seem much shorter, the differences dwindle and love and understanding of each other increase. These are the best of times.


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