I have been in a plane for what feels like weeks. Seriously, trapped in the air, freezer meals, sleeping upright, 32,000 feet in the air.

I just landed in the USA and I need to schedule a massage that includes someone stretching my body back to size. It’s been compacted in a slumped over sitting position for 24 hours straight.

I must say, I am one of the lucky ones. I can sleep on planes so well. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Which can also pose as a problem as I am no good for road trips.

I had the best time in Asia. When I spoke to my sister while on my last layover. We recounted together the amount of flights (totaling 10) and travel time (I lost count) it took to make this trip to Indonesia and Vietnam possible. She asked me if it was worth it. Yeah, it was. Sometimes it takes a long time to get to such a great destination.💕

I first arrived in Indonesia feeling in a cloud. My lovely hosts Santi and Ronny looked past my tiredness face and lovely placed bags under my eyes but offered for me to get a massage. I think they could just see it written on my face, “HELP ME!!!” 🤪 At first I declined (thought sleep was a smarter option), I then declined a second time (again, thought sleep was a smarter option) and then as they offered a third time-I jumped on it.

The facility where the trainings were being held was in the same place as the massage/spa. It’s a three level building only a couple blocks from the hotel. Level 1: spa. Level 2: studio. Level 3: cafe. After the massage (the masseuse had hands of magic), I took a look at the studio and then we made our way upstairs for some delicious food.

It was great to eat a hot meal after hours of eating plane snacks. There is only so many peanuts and pretzels and Biscoff cookies one should ingest. Actually, I must say, the food on the airplanes were pretty dang good this go round. I asked the flight attendant which meal she thought was tastier-steak with rice or chicken with mashed potatoes. Her answer, “I don’t know, I’ve worked here for 7 years and so I think they’re all pretty gross.” “Oh ok.” I responded. “I’ll take the steak.😬”

Something I find interesting is that you get a meal on nearly every international flight. If there is a 2 hour flight you still get a little meal of rice and chicken, drink, snack. This is different than in the U.S. I fly to Texas all the time for education trainings (that’s my territory) and unless it’s over 3.5 hours (or something super long like that) do they include a meal.

This is where the high amount of peanuts and pretzels comes into play. You’re desperate and bored so you end up eating your fair share of salty snacks which only adds to the swollen ankles once you arrive. I can nearly feel them growing as I inhale bags of salted peanuts washed down by Diet Coke or whatever drink I can manage to beg off the flight attendants. I am more thirsty than the average person, so I try and make quick friends with the flight attendants so they don’t end up hating me.

OK. Back to the story—What was I thinking in denying a massage!??? I must have been drugged. It was AMAZING! The spa was so serene and she took my broken bag of bones and made me feel human again! It really set the trip off on a high note as I felt refreshed and ready to tackle to next few days of a busy busy schedule.

I went to bed at 9pm hoping I would drift off until 6. But after just a little bit, I was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 1am. I wanted to scream! 4 hours of sleep??? I had heard a rustling and realized I had missed a call from Brian which woke me right up. I was soooo missing him and ready to talk to my man. BUT I really also wanted that sleep! Dang it.

We chatted for a bit, I worked for a bit-hoping getting some things off my mind would help… and then tried to fall back asleep for a little while longer. It was impossible. I know there is value in resting my body regardless of my mind catching Zzz’s so I laid. I laid in the dark, and tried to breath slowly and smoothly.

Morning came and it was time for action. I first had a Zumba Kidz training, followed by a master class that night. The training is for ZIN members-people who have already completed a Zumba training, and are enrolled in their continuing education training program and want to teach to a younger demographic ages 4-12.

The training was awesome! Everyone was so kind and excited for me to be there. It was awesome. I mean, who else can say people clap and yell for them when they arrive to work? This is why I have the best job ever! I am instantly elevated to a state of total happiness and gratitude. It takes all that tiredness away and replaces it with happiness.

I was initially a little concerned about any language barriers in the training but was quickly put to rest on that concern. It was all fun and games. Literally!!! That training is based on learning how to relate and teach kids.

That night was the master class. The room was packed, the smiles and energy was through the roof. It was initially hard to teach when my body is completely on a different time clock. This class was 3am Utah time and I was needing to bring all the energy I could muster.

Music and adrenaline can bring you to life in ways nothing else can. I didn’t feel the crash until after the class was over. Mobs of people were jumping on the stage for pictures and I was being yanked here and there to smile with groups of people and endless amounts of selfies.

I slept much better that night. Woke up feeling much more refreshed and adjusting to the time zone.

This day was the Pro Skills training. I think this is the best training you can get your hands on. It goes over first impressions, body language, memorizing names, where to stand on the stage to educate vs connect and build energy. It teaches how to connect with the whole room. It also dives into the art of effective instructing. We go through different styles of non verbal cuing-visual cues, pre movement cues and body language cues as well as when to face the mirrors in your classes. It’s a LOT of information in one day.

I am always a little nervous going into this training b/c the information is so valuable, I want to be able to teach it to the best of my ability each time and make sure the participants are absorbing it well.

THEY BLEW ME AWAY! Every topic I introduced, every drill, all the timing of the drills went flawless! I was so impressed. I love that training. I truly feel like it’s concepts and drills are useful in every day life. Aside from cuing, you only really need that in class. Unless yours a traffic control, or a flight attendant. 😝😊

Right after the training I went to the airport. I have realized something. I love Utah weather. Of course this is the weather I am used to. I used to think that I wasn’t a fan of the snow, I still am not a huge fan of the snow but I am I less enthusiastic about humidity and heat then the crisp winter air.

I felt disgusting boarding that plane at the airport. I am sure those around me were wondering about the sweaty american lady on board flight 366 to Singapore. Haha. I was in line for quite some time to check my bag and then I came to realize that my carry on was overweight. With a limit of 7kg this was easy to do. I was shuffling things here and there and basically sitting on my luggage (make a scene no doubt) to get it to close and zip.

I saw a long line for people to shrink wrap their luggage. At first I didn’t see the need, then after stuffing my luggage like a turkey on thanksgiving day, I thought that the wrapping technique would have done me good as I wasn’t sure those zippers would last. One bump and that thing was going to explode, oozing sweaty Zumba clothes. What a site that would be.

My flight was delayed from Bandung Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur where I was staying over night on my way to Vietnam. This was my 5th flight of the trip. Yes, I was counting. Each minute the flight was delayed my exhaustion was kicking in. Strangely enough, they didn’t sell water once inside the airport terminal. Only coffee and tea. What I would have given for water!!

With the delay, baggage claim and getting to the hotel, I got to my room at about 1am. I felt run over. I was beat, dead, pooped. When your job is a physical one as mine is, you don’t look forward to the rest and sleep after a weekend of work.

While talking to Brian, finally in my hotel room, I cozied up in my covers as we discussed the day and happenings. I was getting that lazy eyed, droopy look of someone about to zonk out. I am sure he was thinking I looked really hot. Ha! Hardly! That man has seen me looking so terrible and yet somehow makes me feel good about myself. 😀

I wanted to just pull the covers over my head and fall asleep. Problem was, I wasn’t prepared. I had every light in the room on, my chargers still in my luggage. New phone chargers I might add. I came to the shocking realization that I had forgotten to pack my chargers for my phone, headphones and apple watch. This came to me while I was sitting in my seat ready to take off for Tokyo-first international leg of the journey. 11 hours and I was gonna be without music or audio books.

It’s not like I don’t do this every weekend! What was I thinking??? I asked the flight attendants if they had one to spare, or for sale but they didn’t. I then had to get off the plane, surrender my passport to the crew, go find a store in the airport and purchase one for about ten times the normal price. Then run like the wind back on the plane before take off. The cheapest one they had was $55. I got an extra cord to go with it, only to find out that it was the wrong type of cord, for an additional $15. Luckily I managed with just one charger on the trip. So all was well.

Ok, so…tired as can be, I got out of bed like a big girl, washed m face, brushed my teeth and then fell into the first night of good sleep in a number of days.

My next stop was Vietnam! I had never been to Vietnam so this was super exciting.


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