“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” Paulo Coelho

I have been seriously tested on my bravery the past few days. We headed into spring break with all the gusto we could muster. Six flags magic mountain here we come! We planned for four straight days of adventure, thrills, fun and excitement! While waiting in line for the highly recommended “X2”, the signage is prepping us for what’s to come.

”Are you a risk taker?” “Do you play it safe?” “Who are you?” “Which option will you choose?”

We are almost there. We are one rider behind the front row. We have nearly two minutes to make a decision or not. I am freaking out. I ask the girl in line, ready to get on, “Have you done this ride before? Is it so scary?” Her reaction made me think… She immediately said, “Well, I’m an adrenaline junky and love these types of rides.”

Adrenaline junky. Hmm. Is that who I am? Do I take risks? Do I play is safe? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is this keeping me from where I want to go? Am I taking the safe road and missing out of fun?

I wouldn’t classify myself as a risk taker on an adventure level. I have really been afraid of injuries for so long-since first dislocating my knee when I was in eighth grade. This lead to two more knee dislocations and 6 shoulder dislocations. Each time this happens, I feel myself backing into the safe zone. Now that my body is what makes the money-I can’t afford to break a leg, or arm…I do this and I’m out of a job while I heal. This definitely limits me.

I hate this!!!

I want to live my life as big and bold as possible.

After hearing this young girls’ reaction, I tried to adopt that mentality. At least for the next few days at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Each time my kids would suggest a ride and Brian would agree (he would definitely be considered more daring than me) I just went for it! When they wanted to circle back around and do it again-I did it again! While on the ride I decided to enjoy it. Truly enjoy it! Just like that-a decision. Once the decision is made, “I love this!” Then the emotion and thrill follows. I did take a breather here and there as I could feel some queasiness settling in, but this was only a couple times in all the rides. I consider this a success.

Many of life’s decision are just this easy. We often stick ourselves into boxes in which we later have to break free of. What if we left the hypothetical lid open? We didn’t close the lid on our box. We don’t seal the deal on who we are or what we do? This way the options are open and free for the taking. Now that sounds nice right?

As cliche as it may seem, this roller coaster ride of life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the max. Keep your options open, don’t stifle your progress and see just what fun and opportunity awaits you!


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