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Your influence is worth something. We know how to make it worth more.
Gigg helps you engage your followers, grow your reach, and double your revenue.
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Too many influencers with great content and great followers are not making great money.
Gigg’s built in tools and strategies help you maximize your current content and engage your followers while motivating them to share your brand within their circles, all while you collect valuable data and emails to grow your revenue.


Engage your current followers to actively participate in your content through a series of exciting competitions and challenges.


Leverage your existing content inside of Gigg’s web based experience to generate and increase your advertising revenue.


Use Gigg’s arsenal of competitions to create new followers by incentivizing them to share your message within their own circles, driving new eyes to your brand.


Initiate reoccurring revenues that unlock your earning potential by monetizing acquired emails and accompanying data from the Gigg platform.

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Gigg’s platform helps make your influence, make you more. Our software has built in strategies and tools that help you convert your following into a continuous revenue stream.

Michael Buble

Single Competition Results

  • Site Visits: 716,462
  • Total Revenue Potential: $98,589
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Dude Perfect

Single Competition Results

  • Total Ad Views: 516,788
  • Reach Per Entry: 231 New Users Per Entry
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Gabb Wireless

Annual Campaign Results

  • User Generated Content Created: 2,323
  • Emails Gathered: 24,416
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366M new people started using social media in the past year (more than a million new people joining social media every single day).


76% of people purchased a product because they saw it on social media.


90% of consumers say user generated content (UGC) has a high impact on their purchasing decisions

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