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Giveaways and contests are constantly happening across social media platforms as they can be a terrific way to drive site awareness, traffic, followers, and engagement. However, creating and running these contests can get rather tedious.

Gigg has added a new product called Competitions to host competitions on a regular basis in an automated and simplified way!! You can setup your own brand competition for in no time! Let’s get started.

(If you would prefer to watch a video on how to create a competition, you can click here.)

1. Create Competition

When you first login to your Dashboard, click on the “New” button. You now have the option to build either a new Board or a new Competition. Click on Competition and then you will see a prompt to name the Competition.

2. Navigate to Competition Settings

Click on Competition Settings from the left menu. Then click on the Competition tab in top right to begin setting up your new competition.

3. Select a Type

Under the Type of competition, you can select what type of competition you want.

Gigg offers a few types of competitions to drive different types of social engagement. Currently we offer two types of competitions:

  • Social Tags

  • Link Submissions

The difference between the two is how users will participate in the competition.

Social Tags

Social Tags competitions are hosted solely on Instagram. You can create a competition to have people mention your brand in an Instagram Feed post to enter the competition. When people tag/mention you in their post on Instagram, these entries will populate your Competition’s Submissions.

You also have the option to set it to up a recurring schedule. You can choose to have it recur weekly or monthly. By doing this, it will repopulate your Submissions for every new competition and notify you of the new winner each week/month.

Link Submissions 

Link Submissions competitions are hosted on a client webpage through our embed code. You can create a competition to have people submit videos based around your brand or call to action. When people upload their videos through the webpage, these entries will populate your Competition’s Submissions.

You also have the option to offer sponsorships for these types of competitions. You can select the toggle for Sponsor in which you will be prompted to enter the Sponsor’s Name, social handle (no spaces or special characters, and a link to the Sponsors webpage. In some cases, you may elect to be the Sponsor.

*Be sure to enter an Admin email in the field to receive important notifications for your Competition. This will notify whoever is running the competition of the selected winner via email. Once a competition is set up, all that you will need to do is notify the winner that they have won. The email you enter, is where the notification will be sent.

Click Save

4. Choose your Competition Stages

Now advance to the Stages tab. Stages create increased engagement over the course of competitions. As the stakes get higher, so do the engagement rates. Here, you can set the start and end date of the competition. This means only the posts during the allotted amount of time will appear in Submissions.

Once you set the Start and End Date of the competition, you will notice the date to notify winners will automatically adjust in the section below. You can set this time to notify you of the winner anytime after the competition ends.


The first stage will always be Submission or where people are able to submit their entries for your competition. In Link Submission competitions, you may create multiple stages (i.e., Top 100, Top 10, etc.) by clicking on the Add Stage button. You will need to enter a Stage Name, Start/End Dates, # of Winners, Winner Selection and Auto-Notify for each stage.

How Winners Are Selected

Gigg allows for multiple ways for winners to be selected at the competition-level or individual stage-level.

  • Random: Winner(s) are chosen at random based on Gigg’s randomized selection. For Social Tags competitions, selections are only made by Random

  • Social Votes: Link Submission only. Winner(s) are chosen by the number of votes made by voters during the duration of the stage/competition.

  • Company Choice: Link Submission only. Winner(s) are chosen by the host  during the duration of the stage/competition.

Number of Winners (Link Submission only)

Each stage will need a specific amount of winners that will be chosen to advance to the next stage. The number of winners should equal the amount of entrants in the following phase. Click Save.

5. Set Your Rules (Link Submissions only)

Enter your competitions rules here in the text fields. Gigg provides a recommended list of bullets points that your rules and introduction should include.

Click Save.

6. Connect Social Accounts (Social Tags only)

This is the most important action that needs to take place before the start date of the competition. Just like in a Board, you will need to connect your social accounts to see the entries to the competition aggregate in Submissions.

**It is important to connect the social accounts you are hosting the competition on. You don’t want to connect random social accounts because it will pull in the mentions/tags from the social accounts connected.**

7. Set Your Messaging (Link Submissions only)

Each stage and competition will have a set of messages that will be sent out to participants. Gigg Competitions segment messages into both email and SMS messages. Gigg provides a standard template for these messages, but each can be customized. There are three messages that are sent out.

  1. Advancement

  2. Condolences

  3. Winner

  Click Save.

8. Upload Sponsor Assets (Link Submissions only)

Here you will upload assets for the competition provided by either yourself or your sponsor.

  • Background image: This is a background image for which the competition page will be hosted on. Must be 5MB or less.

  • Intro Video: This must be uploaded via YouTube. Simply enter the YouTube URL link in the field. This will upload the video to the Competition page.

Click Save.

9. Accept Terms & Conditions

You will need to accept our Terms & Conditions before you can host a competition using Gigg.

10. Review Summary and Publish

Under the Summary tab, you’ll see a summary of the settings you have set for your competition. If there are settings you haven’t completed, they will be marked in red. You will need to complete all settings in order to publish the competition.

Once all Settings tabs are completed, you can publish your competition!

 You’re all set!

*Managing Submissions

When you setup a Competition it has an inbox for Submissions. Submission will consist of all the entries from the competition which allow you to moderate which submissions get approved to enter the competition and which violate your rules & guidelines. The only actions you can take in Submissions is to either Approve, Notify  Winner, or Delete the submission.