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Immediately following Halloween, it’s time to up the ante for your holiday marketing strategy. It seems like people are getting into the holiday cheer earlier and earlier every year, and expecting the same thing from their favorite brands. If utilized correctly, the holidays can be a boom for your social content and marketing campaigns, generating online conversations and posts surrounding your brand. Read our tips for utilizing holiday marketing below.

Deck the Halls

Incorporating holiday cheer into marketing and social campaigns may seem overwhelming at first, but start where you can. If you have a restaurant or a brick and mortar shop, consider decorating for the holidays and posting to your social account. Or schedule a visit from Santa and invite customers to attend, encouraging them to post their experience. With a little planning and creativity, the holiday season can be a perfect opportunity to engage with your online community, and encourage your customers to share their love… of your brand.

Social Media Campaigns

The holiday season is a perfect time to ramp up a social media campaign, generating a lot of new UGC for your brand to use during a busy time for many companies.
In 2016, Starbucks launched one of the most prolific holiday social campaigns, #redcupart. In December, the coffee superhouse released a limited supply of solid red cups. Customers were encouraged to pick up a cup and put their own personal design flair to the cup and share on social media. Starbucks featured their customers’ designs on their brand page, fostering community and increasing engagement.
When planning your social campaign, make sure it aligns with your brand values. In 2019, REI launched their #OptOutside campaign, encouraging not only their employees, but people around the world to skip the Black Friday chaos and get outdoors. The clever campaign maintains brand identity, but manages to foster engagement and community with their audience.
Choose a social media campaign that fits with your brand, not just your brand values, but your aesthetic as well.

Holiday Visuals

Wherever possible, tap into the holiday spirit with festive visuals. This can be in the form of your social posts, packaging materials, or photoshoots. In the example below, skincare brand Kiehls packages gift sets with holiday wrapping. Or, incorporate holiday decor into your photoshoot like the Ghirardelli chocolate example below, who used festive garlands and twinkling lights to spruce up their marketing for the holidays.
As with any marketing strategy, know your audience and cater accordingly. The holiday season can be a fun way to reach, and expand, your audience, but remember to keep brand values and voice at the forefront of planning.