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1. Start Pinning

Once you’ve connected your social accounts and entered your keywords, your Social Inbox will begin to populate posts around your brand. Find the ones you’d like to highlight and start pinning!

2. Copy the Code

Now that you’ve pinned posts, you should be ready to hand the Board embed code over to your web team. Do this by clicking on the Display Board button and the Website Embed option. Click on this icon:

This will copy the code to your clipboard.

3. Embed to Site

Paste the code within the page or module you’d like the Board displayed. Test and save the changes once it’s pasted in the development environment for your website. Bear in mind that every website platform is unique and steps may vary.

4. Publish

Now that the Board is looking the way you’d like, let’s save your settings and publish it to your live environment. Remember that as you continue to Pin posts, they will automatically populate to your live page. Good luck!