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The ways in which people are creating and consuming content are changing. User-generated content (UGC) has risen above other marketing trends as a consistently effective component of content strategies. You may understand the importance of UGC, but are struggling to find a way to get your customers talking about you.
One way is creating Calls-to-Action. Read this article to see some great Calls-to-Action some of our clients use to get more people talking about their brand/business.
A great way you can jumpstart your UGC is displaying the Gigg board at your next event. We have seen great results from clients using an event to generate UGC.

The Board at the 2019 RNL National Conference.

Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) is one of the leading service providers to higher education institutions. Every year they host their RNL National Conference and invite thousands of attendees. During a typical conference, they get about 50 social mentions on average. We partnered with RNL in 2019 and had their Gigg Board on display throughout the entire conference. During this conference, their social mentions jumped from 52 mentions in 2018 to 581 mentions in 2019. The Gigg Board created a call-to-action to get people to post so they can be featured on the Board.

Dental Intel Mastery Summit

Another great example is the Dental Intel Summit. They get more mentions throughout the year, but there is still a spike during their Dental Intel Mastery Summit.

Below is the display and the analytics showing the results:

LuLaRoe Convention

LuLaRoe is one of the largest direct sales organizations specializing in women’s fashion. At last year’s convention, LuLaRoe partnered with Gigg and launched their Board at the event. Although they usually get a number of posts and mentions daily, this event was special in skyrocketing positive social chatter around the event and overall brand.

Making the Most of Your Gigg Board 
You don’t have to have this large of an event to put the Board on display. Whether you are hosting an event online, back-to-school event, whatever it may be, put the Gigg Board on display to jumpstart some great UGC! Here are a couple tips and tricks when displaying the Gigg Board during an event! 
Create a hashtag for the event
You can create a unique hashtag for the event. In both examples, they created a hashtag for their event. You want to make sure the hashtag is related to the event. For RNL’s event, they promoted the hashtag #RNLNC2020. This is a good hashtag to promote because it is unique to the event. Once you have come up with a good hashtag for the event, you will need to create great calls-to-action around it so people attending the event will know what to tag.
Create Calls-to-Action
Creating calls-to-action is important to get more customers posting about your event and help them feel more connected to your brand/business. The easiest call-to-action you can create is displaying the Gigg Board at your event and creating a good CTA image. When you have the Board on display, you will need to add a CTA image. This is where you can put your logo and hashtag on display.Learn how to create a good CTA image for your Gigg Board.
Promote the hashtag and event
The earlier you start promoting your event and your event hashtag, the higher your chances of success are. There are many ways you can promote the hashtag and event. Whether it is launching a landing page, running social media contests or making your guest speakers your event advocates, be sure to promote the event in some way. Leading up to the event, use your event hashtag every chance you get. Reinforcing the hashtag helps anchor your event and lets it stay on top of people’s minds. Whatever you are doing, make a plan to promote the hashtag and event!