It’s time to get
organized, get
social and get seen.

Monitoring what your customers are saying about you online can feel overwhelming. Knowing where to start, when to celebrate, who to ignore and what to say can keep even the most creative business owners up at night. Stacado is here to do the heavy lifting for you. Track your mentions, organize them by topic and free up airspace for authentic conversation with your fans.

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Leverage Your Greatest Marketing Asset

Your followers! Ditch the expensive marketing campaigns and capitalize on organic chatter. Your social inbox will give you a bird’s eye view of your allies and influencers. Start talking!

All the Perks of Bragify…and Then Some

Create your personalized “brag board” for embedded display directly on your website. Spotlight fan feedback, fun photos and real time testimonials. Level up your social impact and influence.

Organize Your Social Media Mentions by Topic

Build a customized folder system in your social inbox to categorize and organize your social media mentions. Make sure crucial online conversations are never overlooked again.

Work Smarter, Not Harder in Your Editorial

Save time and energy by scheduling your social media posts in advance. Stay active online with a steady stream of shout outs, shares and chatter, without feeling chained to your devices.

What You Need, Where You Need It, When You
Need It

Connect to all of your favorite social media networks and trigger shares across multiple platforms with just a few clicks. Robust analytics provide the insights and feedback you expect.

Intentional Engagement Designed to Convert

Identify prime opportunities to engage influencers, new followers and loyal fans by sending out special offers, thank you deals and targeted follow up that drives organic interest in your brand.

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