Predictive analytics
with a secret sauce.

Quoda marries the very best in predictive analytics with the secret sauce you really want – the prescribed next steps to effectively stage your business as a dynamic online brand that converts. This rising rock star will not only map out the best strategy for your online growth, it will also quantify exactly how much your influencer engagement is worth. That’s right, social ROI, quantified by the dollar. Finally.

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The Doctor is In…Take Two and Call Me in the

Move beyond business intelligence and predictive analytics to prescriptive reporting that identifies deadlocks and delivers suggested actions to chart your trajectory towards growth.

Identify Your Most
Valuable Online

We’re not going to lie, there’s a lot of science working behind the scenes here. We’ll cut to the chase. Quantify the dollar value of influencer posts and see exactly who is your best investment.

Confidently Craft Your
Marketing Budget and
Future Campaigns

Social ROI has been notoriously difficult to quantify, reducing marketing budgets to hopeful guidelines instead of grounded action plans. Finally, a system of measure that you can count on.

No More Fingers Crossed
with Comparative Trend

Analyze the financial impact that social media has on your business right now with what it could do if you act on the prescribed recommendations. Refine your marketing strategy in real time.

Develop a Trusted
Network of Motivated

Your most loyal fans are equally excited to see a system of value applied to their efforts online. Quantifying their reputation and social impact unleashes next level opportunities for you both.

Optimize Your
Brand Online with
the Gigg Trifecta

Master your social media marketing by harnessing the full power of Bragify, Stacado and Quoda combined. Designed to work in tandem, these tools are built to trigger explosive growth.

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