Let your happy
customers do the

Bragify provides a visually stunning online profile that collects and displays organic mentions posted by your most loyal fans on social media. Ditch the failed attempts to drum up interest and engagement via canned social media posts and harness the power of your followers’ online chatter. Let your happiest customers do the talking and watch your brand market itself.

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Brag Board

You are in complete creative control. Choose exactly which social media mentions you wish to spotlight and position your most exciting online chatter center stage.

Spotlight Content

Your brag board embeds directly into your website, creating a visually compelling repository of raving fans, fun photos and real time testimonials singing your praise.

Moderate Chatter

See something in your social inbox that you’d rather skip sharing on your public profile? No problem. Your brag board only posts your selected shares.

Foster Raving Fans

Identify your local influencers and say thanks for the frequent love! Amplify your social impact by following the golden rule; share more, talk less!

Reduce Man Hours

The pressure is off. Stop agonizing over what to say online and when. Your followers are your greatest allies and now…they’re your marketing team.

Stay Relevant

Consistently update your brag board with new mentions so that your website visitors will see real time, happy customer feedback, bringing your brand and your business to life.

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