Turning website
traffic into a new
revenue stream.

Jill Nystul of One Good Thing by Jillee already had her readers, but what she needed was a way to transfer her already booming website traffic into a steady revenue stream. We were happy to jump in and broker relationships that provided her a way to do just that. When we started, she was a successful blogger.

The Challenge

With 40,000 visitors a day, One Good Thing by Jillee wasn’t struggling to for an audience (which is an accomplishment in and of itself in the blogging world). But creator Jill Nystul was finding it difficult to turn her blog into a successful business – something many bloggers experience. This takes us back to the same old question we’re always asking our clients. Metrics are great – views, likes, shares, etc. – but if those numbers aren’t converting into revenue, what’s the point?

The Solution

When Gigg entered the picture, One Good Thing by Jillee was a great brand in the making, a successful blog and an untapped well of potential. We took what Jill had built and ran with it, brokering valuable business relationships and leveraging her website traffic to create major revenue streams via advertisements on her site. One Good Thing by Jillee is now a well-oiled machine, connecting Jill’s awesome ideas to a massive audience, while also bringing in a steady stream of revenue. Pretty sure that’s what livin’ the dream looks like.

The Result


Brokered deals with JC
Penny, Blendtec & Penguin


In 12 months, Impressions
jumped from 40,000/month
to 17,000,000/month


20x growth in monthly

“Scott [of Gigg] became my knight in shining armor as he ran the machine that made my blog into a bona fide business.”

Excerpt from One Good Thing by Jill Nystul