See all the love your
supporters are
showing you online.

We’ve got you covered. But we’re going one step further with the Bragify Board. Connect and engage with your adoring fans, while using their own words as your greatest marketing tool. Find your happy customers, show ‘em off, repeat. It’s as simple as that.

The Challenge

You already know social media is a valuable marketing tool – every marketing guru you ever encounter will tell you that very same thing. They’ll talk to you about the numbers – how many posts per day you need to generate, what type of content you need to share to reach your target audience, what time of day you should post. We’ve all heard the jargon a million times. But we don’t all have the time or the patience to sit in front of a computer creating content that will stand out amid the endless streams of chatter on social media. Why not place your bets on a sure thing?

The Solution

Enter the Bragify Fan Board. With one simple, visually stunning display, our Fan Board highlights the best of your business through the eyes of your adoring fans. Collect and display rave reviews, shout-outs and photo ops on a customized Fan Board embedded directly to your website. Identify your local influencers and build connections by sharing the love. Make your fans your greatest allies and put their realtime testimonials to work for you.

“The fan board is an important tool in our sales process. It gives potential clients the ability to see and hear from our happy customers.”

Steve Sax- Founder of BeeVoco