Craft your message, create engaging content and develop a culture of sharing.

We believe your your customers and fans should be your content creators. We work with brands to generate campaigns that create calls to action for your clients to engage and share your brand online. We set specific benchmarks and take our customers to the next level using our strategy sessions.


Let our experts manage your brand and marketing efforts with our proven methods.

We have experts that are trained in our system and have mastered best business practices. Our team will manage your social marketing efforts. From content creation, to innovative campaigns and interacting with your customers, our experts will do it all. Interactive ensures you have a culture of sharing and are taking advantage of these platforms to have a serious impact on your bottom line.


Bringing companies and influencers together.

Understanding the connection of influencers and businesses is key to capitalizing on the new wave of advertising. We serve as the third party connecting the two. We have an impressive pool of influencers and know how to reach out to the influencers that can grow your brand and bring you business. We can help identify the most effective influencers and negotiate successful business relationships.