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In a time where social media users are constantly seeing ads and marketing messages, the benefits of UGC are difficult to deny. UGC is authentic and not only removes the sales pitch from your post, but it also shows off your services in action. Customers today put their trust in other buyers versus the sellers. 
When it comes to UGC, we all know how important it is.  Companies have seen an increase of 29% in web conversions when websites featured user-generated content. While you may understand the importance of this content, you might struggle increasing your UGC. Besides incorporating the Gigg Board into your social media marketing, there are other ways you can create great calls-to-action to not only get more customers posting about your business, but help them feel more connected to your brand/business and creating great UGC for you to use. 
Once you start seeing some UGC in your Social Inbox, there is definitely good, better and best content you can feature on your Gigg Board and even leverage it on your own social media platforms!





Post Context

There are three things we think define good, better and best UGC. The first is the post itself. What does it consist of? Is it a tweet from Twitter without an image? Is it a video talking about their favorite product? This is the first indication if it is a good, better or best post. 
An example of a good post may be a tweet talking about your company. Here is an example of a good post you might want to consider featuring on your Board: 

This is some good content to feature on your Board. It says something positive about your company, but there is definitely better out there! Try finding a post in your Social Inbox with an image!

This is a good example of UGC you could feature on your Board. You can see it has the brand logo in the image and they have a positive caption about their experience at Costa Vida. 
The best type of UGC you can use on your Gigg Board is a post with an image with people and your brand. By featuring these types of posts on your Board, it helps people create more of an emotional connection with your brand. People will want to see pictures of other people before they want to see pictures of food or a building. Here is the best example of UGC with a great image and a positive caption:


You can see how this type of content featuring people looks better on a Board than a tweet with no image. 




Post Design

Another idea to consider when deciding what posts to pin to your Board is the design of the post. You may see content in your Social Inbox with a lot of overlaying graphics on your image. Here is an example:

This post is overlaid with text and graphics. It looks like an advertisement. People constantly see ads. When you are featuring the Gigg Board on your website for people to come to see UGC, the less graphics the better. People don’t care what Weber State has to say about themselves. They care what other students are saying about Weber State. 
The more authentic content the better. We want your customers looking at the Board to find real content of your brand/business. The more ad-like content they see on your Board, the less effective it becomes. You can still post content about upcoming events, like this one shown above, but try to make it more authentic. 




Board Objective

Probably the most important question you can ask when deciding what posts to pin to your Board is: does the post meet the objective you are trying to achieve on your Gigg Board? Let’s take University of Arizona for example. Their Gigg Board features students who have been accepted and are excited to attend the school. 


You see all of the content on the Board feature all of these students excited to attend University of Arizona. It fits the objective of their Gigg Board. They most likely have other content in their Social Inbox, but they’ve made sure the content featured is cohesive with the objective they created for the Board.  
There is good, better and some of the best content you can feature on your Board. By making sure you are posting some of the best content, you will have more people engaging with your Board and becoming life long advocates!