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The Gigg Board is a great way to get your customers talking about your business. It is a great display that you can feature within your business as well as your website. Here at Gigg, we obviously love the Board and all that it can do for our customers. Many of our customers have seen an increase in user-generated content after having implemented their Board.
Besides incorporating the Board into your social media marketing, there are other ways you can create great calls-to-action to not only get more customers posting about your business, but help them feel more connected to your brand/business.
Check out these great examples of how companies went beyond the Board to leverage their customers and turned them into brand advocates.
Bam Bam’s BBQ

Bam Bam’s BBQ is one of our favorite stories to tell at Gigg. It is a local restaurant located in Orem, Utah and has some of the best barbecue you have ever tasted. They added a great call-to-action at their storefront- a bronze pig! When Bam Bam’s first added the bronze pig to their storefront, they invited customers via social media to help name the pig. Hundreds of people responded via DM. A month later, Bam Bam’s narrowed the submissions to the top ten names and asked their customers to vote. After everyone weighed in, the bronze pig’s official name became Hamilton. They not only involved the local community to help name the pig, but now everyone going to Bam Bam’s BBQ can sit on the bench with Hamilton and snap a picture talking about their favorite meal at Bam Bam’s BBQ. What is the bronze pig for your business?

Nissan Southtowne

A local car dealership did a great job of going above and beyond to create a good call-to-action inside their dealership. This dealership is the highest selling Nissan Titan dealership in the nation and leveraged this by creating a social campaign around the truck. They created the #TitanOfTitans campaign. They added the call to action to their dealership showroom. Anyone who bought a Titan from Nissan South Towne knew to tag #TitanOfTitans when they posted about their new truck on social media. On Instagram alone, there are over 500 posts using this hashtag featuring happy customers with their new truck.

Nissan Southtowne put this great content to use. On their Gigg Board, they aggregated “TitanofTitans” as a keyword and featured all of these posts on a TV in the showroom.

Dixie State University

Dixie State University developed a series of strategic social media campaigns to invite students to share their excitement of attending the university. They had students use #TheDixieLife to share their experiences. They displayed this hashtag everywhere- all over campus, their website and even billboards headed into town. All of this content was aggregated into their Social Inbox and displayed on their website and around campus.

Dixie State had their Gigg Board on display in their admissions office, where campus tours started. The tour guide would point out the Board and let people know if they posted while on the tour, they would be featured on it! This was a great way to engage with prospective students. While students were waiting for the tour to begin, they could see all of these great posts of students enjoying their college experience at Dixie State. They were given the opportunity to participate themselves by posting while they were on tour.

Dixie took it one step further and engaged directly with each student who posted using #TheDixieLife. This not only helped increase social mentions by 288 percent, but also increased new student applications by 76 percent.

Instead of just using the Board as a display, Dixie State interacted with both their current students and prospective students by using the Notify Author feature and adding calls-to-action on their Board.


Sodalicious is another great example of going beyond the Board and creating good calls-to-action. Sodalicious is a soda shop with every kind of soda and hundreds of different flavors you can add to make it your own. With this idea in mind, they came up with the social campaign #TagYourSoda. They added this to all of their cups and inside all of their store locations. Whatever soda concoction people came up with, they can now share it on their social media channels and use #TagYourSoda. Now, the hashtag has over 1,000+ of all of this great content featuring all sorts of customers who love Sodalicious and their go-to drink.

University of Utah

#NewToTheU: The University of Utah created a Call-To-Action campaign associated with their admissions office in engaging newly admitted students by providing a banner in their acceptance mailers. Getting accepted to school is a major life event. By sending out the mailer, the University of Utah gave these new students a reason to share their excitement on social media. There are so many posts on social media using #NewToTheU with all these new students excited to attend the University of Utah in the fall.


LiteZilla is another great example of creating a good call-to-action. They are a company that is designed to engage your customers and grow your business. They have installations all around the world, mainly in hospital and dental office waiting rooms. Their product is essentially a giant Lite Brite to help make waiting rooms more fun!

With every installation they do, they add their logo to the display. This way, when people are posting on social media about their fun experience in the waiting room to the children’s hospital, they are not only tagging the hospital on social media, but LiteZilla as well.

They aggregated all of the social media posts they were tagged in and embedded the Gigg Board on the homepage of their website. When prospective customers went to their website, they could see all of the great ways LiteZilla is used in hospitals, dentists and doctors offices.

Super Sonic Car Wash

Super Sonic Car Wash also created a great social media campaign. They created the hashtag #SonicWashSelfie. Instead of just posting it to social media and trying to get people to post about them that way, they implemented it inside the car wash!

As you are going through the car wash, the call-to-action would display on your windshield to take a selfie and use #sonicwashselfie. To incentivize customers even more, they ran giveaways on their social media platforms. They not only created a great call-to-action, but also created incentives for customers to post.