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First impressions are everything. Enter, Kaden Bramall. As an account executive, Kaden is one of the first points of contact customers have with the Gigg software, making sure customers are aware of what the software is capable of, and how it can help them increase their business.
The Orem, Utah, native joins Gigg from a financial tech company, Divvy, where he led the sales organization in applications signed in 2019. He proved himself to be a rockstar at Divvy, mentoring new account executives and promoting to a senior account executive ahead of the organization’s promotion timeline. Sensing the important role social media plays currently, and will continue to play in marketing, Kaden knew Gigg was the place to be. Get to know a little more about Kaden below!
What is your role at Gigg?
I am an Account Executive here at Gigg, and what that means is I am in charge of the first contact that most people have with Gigg. It is my job to make sure that these potential clients have access to all of the information that they will need in order to learn about why Gigg can be so helpful for their business. I continue to work with clients while they use Gigg ensuring that they have a good experience and I help them implement Gigg in additional areas that the software will help them.
What made you decide to join Gigg?
Social media is already a huge part of marketing and I believe that it is only going to become bigger as time goes on. In a way I wanted to be a part of a company that is ahead of the curve. When I learned about Gigg and how the software allows you to leverage user generated content as a marketing material, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of. I knew some members of the team and learned about the background of others here at Gigg and that gave me a lot of confidence that Gigg is bound for success. 
In your opinion, what makes Gigg special?
Gigg is special because it takes your customer base and turns them into more than that. It makes them feel like they are a part of the company and they become a lifelong loyal advocate of you. We all have brands that we feel a special connection with for one reason or another. Maybe it was finding out about them first or being featured on the company’s website. Whatever the reason Gigg gives you the opportunity to create that special connection with all of your customers.
You can only keep three apps on your phone. Which three do you pick?
YouTube, Spotify, Instagram
What would your preferred superpower be?
That’s easy, super speed! I would love to be able to get to places around the world quickly. I could accomplish tasks quicker and dominate at sports.
Must-have road-trip treats:
I usually go for the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Dr Pepper.
What are your hidden talents?
Unfortunately my hidden talent is being really good at the video game Halo. I spent lots of weekend nights with friends while I was growing up refining my Halo skills.
Favorite professional sports team:
The Dallas Cowboys. Haters welcome!