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Gigg recently released an update and major improvement to the Analytics we provide around our products. This release marks a monumental step towards our commitment to providing our clients with data in measuring ROI around their marketing objectives.
In this article we review, in detail, all of the new KPIs and data points in this update. These analytics are not social media in nature, but reflect the user behavior with the Board on your website. 



Engagement Quality Score
Engagement Quality Score (EQS) is a numeric value assigned to each visit to your site based on what type of engagement has occurred and how valuable that engagement is to a brand.



Board Interaction Count
The total count aggregating all the different button clicks.



Posts Opened
The total number of posts that were opened or expanded by users.


Social Shares
The total number of times a social share button was clicked on an opened post. 


CTA Button Clicked
The total number of times a CTA button was clicked. Note: If you do not have buttons implemented on Pinned posts, this count will be zero. If you don’t know how to create and use CTA buttons, here is an article explaining how you can! 

Other Buttons Clicked
The total number of times the “See More” button was clicked.


Visitor Location Map
A heat map showing the IP address location of the device that is visiting your site.


Board Impressions
A numerical value calculated by counting each site visit where the Board is actually brought into the viewport of the user’s device. r

Page Load vs Board Views
A graphical representation showing the total number of visitors loading the page versus the total number of visitors that see the Gigg Board in the viewport of their device.



Board Viewer Breakdown


A graphical representation showing the total number of first time or new users compared to those who have returned more than once.



Referring Links


The total number of users grouped by site from which they came. 



Time on Site by Engagement Type


The duration users spend on site based on if they view or engage with the Board. 



Conversion Funnel


A graphical representation showing the behavior of users along the conversion path and where they fell off. 



Time on Site


The total number (in seconds) on average that a user is on the page. 



Card Flipped with CTA


The total number of flipped posts that included a CTA button.