Gabb Wireless
Ambassador Search

Campaign Goal & Setup

Gabb Wireless was looking for a unique way to engage their current user base while getting the word out about their cell phones for kids. 


They teamed up with Gigg and ran a series of talent show campaigns that encouraged their users to share videos of what their children were doing rather than being on their phones. Parents reached out to friends to vote for their videos.


Gabb broke down their campaigns into monthly themes—Music, Move, Create, Wheels, and Variety. Then they held a championship round for the top ten winners in each category.

The Prize

Gabb rewarded each winner with cash and Gabb products. The final campaign winner also became a Gabb Ambassador—the newest face of the company.

Customizing the Campaign

Gabb took advantage of Gigg’s customizability, hosting the campaigns on their own website using Gigg’s embed code. With custom CSS, they were able to seamlessly blend the campaign page into their site.

The Results

Gabb ran this sequence twice—a total of 12 campaigns—over two years. In the end, Gabb’s contestants pushed 373,400 unique site visits and drove 635,900 video views. 10,000 people clicked to learn more about Gabb. 


They collected 24,400 emails and 2,300 pieces of branded content created by their users. 


Based on industry averages, the estimated marketing value of these two campaigns was $595,000.

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