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Each year, Dental Intel hosts a leadership summit training, where partners, coaches, consultants, and influencers attend. The conference focuses on what’s happening in the dental industry, and helps Dental Intel clients go back to their practices with a sharper, renewed focus.
In 2019, Dental Intel’s event goals were twofold: Firstly, to create an event so epic, so social-media worthy, that anyone not in attendance would never miss the conference again. And secondly, to show their clients how the Gigg platform can transform their marketing efforts, using their best existing marketing tool: current clientele.
“We wanted everyone who didn’t make it to feel like they were missing out. That’s exactly what happened, with the technology Gigg provided, we were not only able to teach the power of social media, but we were able to use it,” said Jarom Dastrup, head of sales and business development for Dental Intel. “Gigg was gathering all the posts, and allowing us to display it. We had giveaways and random drawings to ensure people were posting.”
Pictures and videos from the event were plastered all over social media, not just on Dental Intel’s pages, but on the pages of their clients and other conference attendees, which helped demonstrate the second facet of the conference, harnessing the power of social media. See some of the popular social media posts below.
“We wanted to teach the power of social media. We know what it is, and a lot of times we get on there just to keep a pulse. See what a neighbor is doing, keep track of who’s doing what from highschool… When used correctly, it’s such a powerful tool in getting your info in front of your potential customers,” Jarom said.
So how exactly does Dental Intel teach their clients to use social media to attract potential customers? The power of influencer marketing. Finding the right people, through the people already using your product.
“Influencers aren’t always the Kim Kardashians, but finding the right people, getting them talking and leveraging that content is key,” Jarom said. “If every person has 600-900 people that follow them on a social media platform, the key is showing them how to influence their following.”
From the Dental Intel event, teaching clients how to use social media platforms to not only find potential new customers, but to leverage their existing customers as marketing tools were key takeaways.
“You don’t need to spend a lot of money on marketing, you have thousands of people, the best billboards you could possibly ask for inside your office, your patients. Let’s teach you how to use them. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than someone you trust saying, ‘You need to go to that practice.’ The power of influence your friend or associate has is instrumental to your success.”
While Gigg is instrumental in finding potential new clients and leveraging existing clients, for Jarom, the true value is the time-saving, innovative technology Gigg offers.
“One thing about social media is the algorithm is constantly changing, even if you’re doing your best, it’s changing so fast that by the time you get any traction, it’s already changed. If you could go to one place and pick and choose all of your reviews and then display that in front of your industry, why wouldn’t you do that? Save yourself time. Use technology like Gigg to do that for you, where you can go through, select the posts you want to boost and promote those posts. It’s awesome to have an authentic, sincere post sharing their experience with your company. That technology doesn’t exist, except with Gigg.”
“Use the influence you have as an organization. Just because you post something, doesn’t mean people see it. Consistently aggregate, post and boost, and get that in front of your customers’ organizations or followers. Watch how fast your company grows and your sales increase due to the marketplace promoting you organically versus you paying someone to do it.”
Dental Intel’s event was a successful endeavor, both for them and their clients. Thinking about hosting an event to boost your business? Read more about how an event can jumpstart your UGC here.