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For the last six years, BambooHR has held one of the world’s largest human resources virtual conferences, the HR Virtual Summit. The powerhouse human resource software company had one goal in 2020: Create an even bigger event that would generate more user-generated content, increase the online conversation around their brand, and encourage attendees to interact with their brand, like the example below.
While BambooHR found success in their previous virtual summits, they partnered with Gigg in early 2020 to up the ante and produce a bigger, better, more buzz-worthy event.
We normally have a few hundred people who share their social experiences, but in 2020 we wanted to go big, and that’s why we went with Gigg,” said Tyler King, Social Media Manager for BambooHR. “This year we had over 1,000 people contribute user-generated content to our conference board. It was awesome to see. This content helped us trend on Twitter and dominated the conversation on LinkedIn and Instagram.” BambooHR used the hashtag, #hrvirtual2020, to track the social posts pertaining to their brand.
With an influx of user-generated content was then leveraged on BambooHR’s social platforms as well, creating a connection between the brand and conference attendees. 
UCG is what social is all about! When your audience creates content based on your brand, it’s a vote of confidence from them to you that you’re on the right track,” King said. “People also trust their friends and family over most brands, so when they see people who know to engage with a brand, it breaks down that barrier.