If you were tuned in to my latest live Facebook feed, then you got a special surprise around the 14:10 mark. 

For some reason, I felt compelled to perform a small portion of my latest unfinished piece of writing called “No Starlight in the City”. 

Sometimes you can just feel in your bones when a song is special. This one is. I could tell from the moment I played the guitar riff that it would be recorded, and this intense feeling was only intensified when I sang the chorus for the first time. 

Lyrically, this song tells the story of a girl who could not wait to head for the coast and leave everything about her small town life behind, a pretty relateable, and painfully common story. However, just when you think it’s going to be another “tan legs” or “cut off jeans” pandering power ballad, the chorus slaps the cliché out of your ears and replaces it with a heart wrenching, yet sonically pleasing, plea from her former lover for her to look up and realize that what she seeks is not there. 

This former lover speaks from experience. He has chased those same city lights, he has felt the comfort of their warmth, and he carries to this day the scars of that endeavor. He knows what she is chasing, and he knows that it will devastate her. He wants to spare her this catastrophe, but he pleads in vain. 

You can love and support someone with your entire heart and know that they are not ready to take on a certain battle. Especially when you have barely survived that same battle.  

The moral of this story is prudence. The most sought-after things in life such as wealth, power, wisdom, or fame are worth the preparation. It is never a bad idea to stop momentarily to look around for the truth you are chasing. 

Click here and FF to 14:10 to listen