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Competition Details

Upload Your Videos before February 4, 2013


Timeline -

·         Contests open for submissions 2 weeks before actual performance (Open 2nd and 4th Saturdays)

·         Submission time from that Sat. to the 2nd Monday following (about 1 week and 2 days)

·         Bracket begins 2nd Monday following the Saturday it opens for submission.  Just pay attention to the timer

·         Rounds are 1 day in duration

·         Only 16 videos will make it into each contest.  When the timer hits zero, the 16 highest rated videos will move on

·         Tournaments are 4 days long, with 4 rounds.

·         The Winner plays that Saturday, LIVE on KUTV's Morning Show

·         Next contest opens for submissions that same Saturday winner plays



·         ONLY the Top 16 videos move to bracket

·         Judges

o   gigg

o   KUTV

·         1 day rounds

·         Contestants can enter as many contests as they want

o   Different video for each contest

o   Previous winners are NOT allowed to enter

·         Utah Residents ONLY

·          No financial compensation provided



·         Winner performs LIVE on KUTV